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Thinklabs Wave provides realtime display of sound waveform and frequency content of heart and lung sounds.

You can edit and label sounds, enter your diagnosis with tags or notes, take screenshots. Powerful features are intuitive and quick -

we know you're busy!

When you open a Body View, recordings are placed where you recorded them, with heart sounds and lung sounds in separate views.


Thinklabs uses direct cable connections - no Bluetooth dropouts and pairing issues.

With a single touch, Body View captures the sound you've been listening to and tags it to the listening location. Record multiple locations and automatically group all recordings for a patient. Record the locations you need.

Share recordings in amazing new ways, through almost any app, from email to Whatsapp to Facebook Messenger. Send sounds, notes, screenshots and even videos of a video playback.

Imagine the educational content you can create, effortlessly!

Join the Wave today

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