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Site content is Copyright Thinklabs Medical LLC ("Thinklabs") 2003-2023. Content may not be copied. Content is protected by trade dress, copyright and trademark protection. Thinklabs and the logo are registered trademarks. Products are protected by patents, trade dress, copyright and any other legal rights available to Thinklabs.

We reserve the right to make changes to the site. We have made the effort to provide accurate information, but there may be inadvertent mistakes, errors or omissions. Use the information on this site at your own risk and check any critical information. The information on this site is provided purely as a courtesy to customers and potential customers. Product specifications are subject to change and Thinklabs may not necessarily have the most up to date information on this site.



1. We do not share any personal customer data including, but not limited to name, email, telephone or physical address data with any outside third party, except as required by Federal law.

2. We do not sell any personal customer data to any third parties.
3. We maintain customer information confidentially within our organization for the purposes of customer service or internal research purposes.
4. We may communicate with customers from time to time for the purposes of providing customer service, product maintenance, or providing information about our products.


Thinklabs wants you to benefit to the fullest extent from the hard work we have put into providing apps and services for you, our valued users. We've tried to write fair rules for using our services, using plain English wherever possible. We want you to read agreements carefully, so we can both agree on how you will use Thinklabs services and apps.


We hope you will find our approach to user agreements and privacy refreshing and, above all, fair.

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