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Primary Care & Pediatrics

Your stethoscope should be as well rounded as you.

Why Thinklabs?


You need to hear it first.

Catch all of the important sounds with 100x audio amplification.


Listen to everything unfiltered or choose between 5 frequency settings to dial in on specific body sounds.


Store recordings in your patient records for comparison, to share with families or send off for consults.

Be clear. Be confident.


Whether it’s a normal checkup or a concerning situation you can be confident that you’re hearing your smallest patients’ vital sounds clearly. Sometimes, sounds in children can be difficult to hear, but the Thinklabs One stethoscope allows you to turn up the sound if needed to be confident you hear every nuance while maintaining a gentle touch.

When an anomaly is detected (or just for fun!), let the patient and family members listen in by connecting a splitter cable or using a bluetooth transmitter* to send sounds to a speaker. It is a great way to help with awareness and education. You can also easily record and share sounds with other clinicians to get specialist opinions or update on progress.  


Auscultation has been part of the clinical physical exam for over a hundred years. Yet conventional stethoscopes provided very faint sounds that were challenging for all but the best-trained ear to analyze. Thinklabs revolutionized the stethoscope by creating a device that amplifies and clarifies sounds, allowing clinicians to hear clearly for the first time. For 20 years, Thinklabs digital stethoscopes have been the best-in-class choice for auscultation. Our 100X amplification and 5 filter settings provide the clinician with the crystal clear amplified sound that could never be achieved with an analog stethoscope.

*Bluetooth transmitter sold separately.

What is included?



Your analog stethoscope can't stand against this

best-in-class audio.



Keep your device clean and protected when not in use.



Experience the One's unsurpassed sound with your high performance earbuds.

Screen Shot 2023-09-21 at 1.15.13 PM.png


No need to swap batteries frequently with the lithium ion rechargeable battery.

"I love the sound. I’ve been using it with noise reduction headphones which has been incredibly helpful in a small pediatric clinic room. A few months ago, I caught an AV canal in a 3 year old that I never would have heard with a traditional stethoscope and was even able to appreciate the fixed split s2 in another patient with an ASD." 

Scott Iwashyna, Richmond, VA

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