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Leading researchers worldwide in medicine use Thinklabs technology to power their data collection and breakthroughs in a diverse range of fields. From clinical trials to machine learning published papers and next generation technology are developed with Thinklabs One digital stethoscope.

Thinklabs One is your solution for in office, home nursing, critical care, or telehealth connections.

With a range of 100-120 patients per charge, you'll be supported through multiple shifts worry free. Customize your connection with different headphones, longer reaching cables, or wirelessly with a Bluetooth transmitter. 

Auscultation is a fundamental skill in the practice of medicine and perhaps the most difficult to master. 

The One gives students the ability to hear more clearly and educators the freedom to create new ways to teach this essential part of the physical exam.

Thinklabs One can be used with wireless headphones or an external speaker, making it ideal for working with highly infectious patients. You can use it with headphones over or under PPE and PAPR so you’ll be able to hear no matter the situation.

For 20 years, Thinklabs has been the best-in-class choice for auscultation. Our 100X amplification and 5 filter settings provide the clinician with the crystal clear amplified sound that could never be achieved with an analog stethoscope.

No special software required.

No subscription fees.

Just clear sound.

Thinklabs One is the stethoscope of choice in the leading telemedicine systems, carts and kiosks worldwide. Talk to us today about incorporating the One into your telehealth program.

Whether you're a hard of hearing clinician or an audiologist, our experts are here to help you find a solution.


Thinklabs One offers unprecedented solutions for hard of hearing users

and there are many options for addressing different hearing aid styles.

You have become an expert in your field so why settle for a generic tool?

With a Thinklabs digital stethoscope you'll be able to hone in on what matters most thanks to this industry leading technology. Use sounds you record to teach or share with the broader care team.

We have the best stethoscope sound quality on the market, and animals are no exception. With this kind of listening power, size doesn't matter. From household pets to equine health - Thinklabs has you covered.

There is so much more...

We have only touched on a few fields where the Thinklabs One is being used and benefiting patients. No matter your focus, our team is here to help you build solutions. Contact us today with your questions about incorporating a digital stethoscope into your work flow.

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