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Hone in on what matters.

Why Thinklabs?


The Thinklabs One has 100x amplification so you can capture nuances you might otherwise be missing.


With Thinklabs One, you can adjust the frequency settings to hone in on the body sounds you need to hear most. 


Auscultate in office or connect over telemedicine platforms. Your reach doesn't need to be limited by tube length. 

Hear everything in a heartbeat.


When caring for chronic patients, diagnosing new conditions and providing consultations, ensure you have the very best auscultation data at your fingertips. Thinklabs One enhances the bass sounds of the heart, allowing you to have confidence in what you’re hearing, even if the patient is traditionally difficult to auscultate. For remote consultations, your partners can share recorded heart sounds or transmit sounds live over telemedicine that are as clear as if you were there in person/conducting an in-person exam.

Clarity that will take your breath away.


For 20 years, Thinklabs digital stethoscopes have been the best-in-class choice for an unparalleled ability to hear both normal lung sounds and pathologies of patients in critical condition. You know what your COPD, Asthma and Emphysema patients' lungs typically sound like. With 100x amplification and 5 filters, Thinklabs One helps you pick up on nuanced changes in your patients' condition.

Don't take our word for it

It's your opinion that matters most. Listen to the Thinklabs One's clarity of sound today.

Running A Heart Failure Program Successfully

Thinklabs recently sat down with Chris Meyer, ​the former Director of Telehealth for Marshfield Clinic Health System to understand the keys to running a successful heart failure program and the impact it has on patients and the health system.

Bridging Access to Care Through Telehealth

Care on Location is a provider of medical services to Medicaid, rural and underserved communities both in the US and internationally. Learn how they approached the challenge of diagnosing and treating Chagas Disease patients in Bolivia.

Pediatric Lung Sounds

Pediatric lung sound recordings can be systematically assessed, but methodological feasibility and validity is unknown, especially from developing countries. We examined the performance of acoustically interpreting recorded paediatric lung sounds and compared sound characteristics between cases and controls.

“Has been a wonderful tool, not just for clinical work, but for teaching students, nurses, patients, and parents (pediatrics).  Attached to an external speaker, I can let everyone hear what I hear, and when attached to a computer I can record audio, compare before and after treatment, and also display phonograms to demonstrate various murmurs and other heart sounds!”

Dr. Michael Verive

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