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“For superior audio fidelity, Thinklabs One is the hands-down winner of our set.”

Telemedicine Magazine


Are you looking for a stethoscope that will work in your telemedicine program? One that’s easy to use, reliable, and sounds as good over a distance as it does in person?


Your search is over.  



Thinklabs One digital stethoscope meets the need and exceeds the expectations of physicians.Thinklabs One goes beyond high fidelity auscultation and provides an easy means of live listening, recording, storing and forwarding heart and lung sounds.  

Why One?

  • Connectivity - One has a direct analog audio output, so it operates as an external microphone for any system.  No SDK, special software, or API is required.  

  • Simplicity - Thinklabs One uses the conference audio channel for transmission; the stethoscope acts as a simple external mic.

  • Integration - One integrates seamlessly with almost any video conferencing system, including Polycom, Cisco Group Series, VSee, Zoom, and others.

  • Value - One doesn’t require a subscription or licensing fees.  Just purchase the stethoscope and you’re ready to go.

  • Sound - One offers superb audio clarity and quality, with more than 100x amplification, and clinicians can use any high quality audio headphones to listen to their patient.


“ Of the electronic stethoscopes we have evaluated, the Thinklabs One is the only one that the doctors feel will allow them to provide a worthwhile remote diagnosis.” 

2. Launch your video conferencing program. 

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As Easy as One, 2, 3...



“We’re using your stethoscopes in our program and we absolutely love them!  Easy to install, use, and very economical, with no software installation required.”

--Nina M Antoniotti, Director of Telehealth and Clinical Outreach, Southern Illinois University

Telemedicine Accessories

Thinklabs One uses a standard 3.5mm output jack. We did this for easy integration with existing telemedicine systems. Our R&D teams are working on special-purpose accessories for the future of telemedicine and other application all year long, so stay in touch to see what's new. 


Below are some recommended accessories and their sources.


If you're using any peripherals or accessories with Thinklabs One on your telemedicine carts or computers, please let us know. We receive excellent recommendations from our user community and we'd be happy to share your ideas and solutions with other telemedicine providers.

Cables - Telemedicine integrators have requested spiral cables in order to reduce clutter and tripping hazards. Here are some examples of cables that can work with One. 

Maxhood 3.5mm, 4 Conductor, 10 feet (3m) Spiral Cable - Connects directly to One and provides convenient connection. We found that this cable can comfortably stretch to 6 feet. Order from Amazon Prime here.

Maxhood 3.5mm, 3 Conductor, 10 feet (3m) male/female extension Spiral Cable - Connects directly to One and provides convenient extension cable. Can be combined with One's supplied cables to create a male/male cable. Order from Amazon Prime here.

Thinklabs offers accessories for group listening, security, and other audio devices that will complete your telemedicine solution.



Telemedicine Accessories available in the Thinklabs Store 


  • Extra headphones

  • Audio-Technica ATR2USB Adapter

  • Spiral cables

  • Extension cables

  • Audio splitters

Note for Teleconference System Integrators: 


If you are looking to integrate Thinklabs One into a videoconference or telemedicine system, you will need to provide a user-accessible USB or 3.5mm input where - or near where - the stethoscope will be used. 

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