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One has a standard 3.5mm jack so you can connect high quality headphones instead of old tubing style binaurals. You get better sound, more comfort, a more  compact stethoscope and the choice to use the headphones of your choice (scroll down for more info).


One includes Thinklabs studio quality In Ear Headphones, with excellent bass for heart sounds and crystal-clear treble for music enjoyment.


To Learn More - see the Headphones FAQ

Thinklabs studio quality in-ear headphones have excellent frequency response, offering the clarity you need for auscultation. They will impress equally when you plug them into your music sources.


Thinklabs headphones have an extra long cable so you can wear them comfortably around your neck when not in use. The anti-tangle flat cable is strong and resists tangling for convenient use in clinical settings.


The eartips come on 3 sizes, for a perfect fit.



For the Ultimate audio experience,

Beats offer extraordinary bass and noise reduction with solid aluminum construction for the

most demanding environments.


Select other models,

which you may find lighter and more compact.

Monster DNA headphones offer suitable bass

response for use with the Thinklabs One.
















I tested a few models and found the brand to have very good handling capacity. Well worth a test drive.

Clive Smith's Take -  Headphones

   "I made a careful study of headphone audio before specifying what we would offer with One. I wanted headphones with strong bass, but also really good frequency

response, so you'd enjoy music with the same headphones. I think you'll be very impressed with what we include in the One package.


    You also have the flexibility to choose your own headphones to use with your One. I offer my take on a few brands below. For more information, see the Headphone FAQ to get more insight into headphone selection. Test drive before you buy and make sure you select a pair that can handle the One's heart sound output. Enjoy!"

The Bose model that we recommend is the SoundTrue On-Ear headphone. This model works 

well and offers a very

compact and

light weight

solution. Bose

offers SoundTrue in

white, black, mint

or purple/mint.


Beats are designed for hip-hop and rap. Heart sounds have similar bass, which means they're almost tailor-made for Thinklabs One.


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