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Recordings using Thinklabs stethoscopes are used by online medical journals, medical schools, teaching hospitals, electronic medical textbooks, and many research institutions worldwide. Visit our Youtube Channel as an additional resource for listening to these sounds, especially on your mobile device, and to learn about what we're up to at Thinklabs.


Thinklabs stethoscopes have even been used in live music performances, installation art pieces and other creative projects at leading art schools around the world. Our recordings have also been broadcast on television from live talk shows to the Super Bowl.


This online collection is an evolving resource. We welcome contributions from researchers, academics and clinicians. We'd like to hear from you if you have sounds to share, or if you'd like help with your projects.




Lung Sounds Library

CRW_4873.jpg 2013-9-20-12:11:23
African Thinker. Thinklabs Art Collection 2014-1-8-1:40:9
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