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Thinklabs One and COVID-19

Thinklabs One is the standard of care in infectious disease wards because of its amplification and unique form factor, both of which make it easy to use via PPE with patients in isolation. The use of a conventional stethoscope with highly infectious patients is nearly impossible; Thinklabs One presents a solution.


Thinklabs has been involved in biocontainment and infectious  disease control for a number of years. We were at the forefront of auscultation during the Ebola crisis.


If you are preparing your unit for the COVID-19 pandemic, we can assist you with technical advice, best practices, and other support.


CONTACT Call us at +1-303-525-3458 or



ORDERS To place an order, visit our online store, or email if ordering with POs.


Our Biocontainment page contains guidance on using Thinklabs One with PPE, and other useful information.


Safe Distance Auscultation 

Protect yourself and give your patients peace of mind.

PPE Auscultation

See how a leading critical care unit uses Thinklabs One to treat COVID-19 patients.

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