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Thinklabs' Wave platform is completely open!
Visualize sounds, label pathologies, annotate signals
Keep and control your own data
Wave uses Google Cloud for easy access
Build your own sound library or contribute to a global respository
Email or instantly share recordings
Live stream sounds for bedside teaching or telemedicine
Pairs with Thinklabs One for the highest quality audio recordings


Capture sounds with the Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope.
Record heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds, blood flow, whatever body sounds you're interested in.
Using Thinklabs' Wave app, you can record, visualize, label, and store sounds.
Collect an unlimited sound library.
Build a labelled sound repository and contribute your skills to advance medical science.
Your recordings will train machine learning systems for future artificial intelligence (AI) guided auscultation -
within your own private system or for open global use.
Collaborate to increase your impact.
Share and access sounds, waveforms and data - a continuously expanding library. Our community includes researchers at Harvard, Stanford, Duke, NHS, and other leading institutions around the globe.
Create the future of auscultation.
Increase access to healthcare by applying AI to disease detection and monitoring.
Using Thinklabs digital stethoscopes and AI-powered apps, we will reach patients wherever they are.
Contribute your sounds and skills to build global access to healthcare.

You are invited to train one million people.


Thinklabs is establishing an open platform for applying artificial intelligence to the detection of disease using Thinklabs stethoscopes. This will empower researchers and developers to tap into the Thinklabs user community and offer intelligent services to frontline healthcare providers and patients. We will further support this ecosystem with low-cost devices to grow the user community.


As we studied global health and talked to people from Finland to South Africa, our research revealed worldwide unmet needs. Devices and services are too costly but above all, there are not enough trained professionals to provide the labor-intensive healthcare practiced today, will never scale to meet global needs.


My goal, starting 25 years ago, was to reinvent the stethoscope and make it accessible to all. 


We have come to know our user community and what drives you to strive for better patient outcomes, in the face of an ever more challenging healthcare environment. We know that we can work with you to mutually improve healthcare in your own community, and around the world.


We invite every clinician. Contribute your education, your experience, your talents and your skills to train the machine learning systems that will one be in the hands of every frontline community health worker. Your knowledge will be immortalized for future generations of patients to benefit from the very best auscultation skills and future listening technologies.






Clive Smith

CEO and Founder

Thinklabs Medical

Email support@thinklabs.com or call us at +1.303.525.3458
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TwistedWave Audio Editor

TwistedWave is an excellent multi-device solution for recording, visualizing and sharing sounds on the iOS/Mac platform.
Bedside Teaching       - Record sounds and immediately share it around the bedside via a local wifi network.
Classroom Teaching   - Share sounds via the local wifi network to an entire class of students.
Telemedicine or EMR  - Upload sounds to Dropbox for sharing with colleagues or saving for electronic medical records.
Visit TwistedWave for details.

Mac                                         iPad / iPhone                                      Cloud


Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.
Visit Audacity for details.