Thinklink - Recording


To Record, Set the Monitor switch to the left to connect your ds32 to the recording device. The correct switch positions for recording are shown at right.


Set the Source switch to the center position. If the recording signal level is too low, try setting the Source switch to the right position. This will increase the signal level to the recording device. Adjust the volume on your ds32 accordingly.


When recording, you can listen to the patient through the ds32a itself and/or connect headphones to the Thinklink Headset jack (upper left). The Headset jack therefore provides a second listener function to allow the primary user to listen via the stethoscope itself, and a second listener to use heapdhones. You can also connect powered loudspeakers to this jack. (Headphones and loudspeakers should have adequate bass response.)


Note that you can record from a headset microphone by switching the Source switch to the left position. This will connect your headset mic to the mobile device input, rather than connecting One as the audio source. This can be useful for dictating voice to annotate recordings. Note that you must be using headphones that have a built-in microphone to perform this function.