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Thinklink - Using the ds32/ds32a with Mobile Devices


The Thinklink kit provides all the cables and connections to connect the ds32 to iPhones, iPads, Android devices, computers, digital recorders and so on.


You can record sounds from the ds32 to your recording device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) while listening to the patient. You can then listen to your recordings via the ds32. Thinklink allows you to do this with a simple connection configuration. Simply switch between recording or playback on the Thinklink Monitor switch.


Your ds32 simply becomes an external microphone and headphones to your mobile device. It can therefore work with almost any App. See the Apps Page for ideas. Note, however, that the quality of recordings or stethoscope sounds depends on the device you are using, as well  as the App. For example, many telemedicine apps compress the sound, so recording sounds first and then sending files can sometimes superior to using a low-cost video-conferencing App. Likewise, on the playback side, the quality of your headphones and loudspeakers is critical, repeat, critical to the quality of sound you hear.


Connecting Thinklink to ds32...

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