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Multiple Listeners

How many times have you wanted someone to listen at the same time?


The Mom who wants to hear her child's asthma.


Your patient who needed to hear his lungs to persuade him to cut down on the smoking.


Your surgery patient who wanted to hear what the leaky valve sounds like.


Or the one who needed an endarterectomy and hearing the carotid bruit would have made your explanation easier.


The student you were teaching and you wanted to show exact timing of that third heart sound as it occurred.


The colleague you wanted to persuade about the murmur you heard.


You're a vet and you want the client to hear his dog's heart or lung problem so he could be persuaded to go ahead with the procedure you were recommending.


Need we continue?


Now you can! It's really simple.


Thinklabs One includes a set of cables to connect headphone splitters to your stethoscope, so you can connect a second (or even third) pair of headphones.


No need to describe a sound, or make weird noises to try and get your point across. Just plug them in and say,




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