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Clinical Applications

Examining patients in Africa, Asia, across the state or in the next building?


Link up to the latest systems and apps.

Explore One in a broader context. This space shows some of the potential for applying the stethoscope more imaginatively and more effectively beyond old boundaries.


"Most knowledge work - as designers or clinicians - involves differentiation, breaking things down into minutae. Detail can be interesting, but integration is more inspiring - figuring out how the complex whole is so much greater than the sum of parts. In complexity theory, there's a concept called "emergence"  - the pattern of behavior that emerges when simple elements interact and something surprising emerges. The big picture is seldom suggested by the pieces viewed separately. Stethoscope Life is about the big picture - how One plus something equals something new, powerful and beneficial."

                            - Clive Smith   

Tools to teach the lost art of auscultation.


Document patient sounds for research.

Beethoven wrote the 9th Symphony when he was deaf.


Perhaps we can help you do your best work.

Display sounds, edit recordings, filter sounds, analyze signals.


Explore automatic diagnostic software.

Capture sounds on almost any recording device.


Send to EMR, share case studies, create cloud libraries.

How many times have you wanted someone else to hear what you're hearing?

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