Thinklabs helps you visualize and record heart and lung sounds

with your iPhone or iPad


The App sets a new standard for medical device user interfaces, using iPhone / iPad's outstanding multi-touch interface.



- Record and Display waveforms and spectrogram in real time.
- Scroll and Zoom In/Out using multi-Touch user interface.
- Edit Sounds on-screen.
- Save Recorded sounds.
- Email Sounds and Images, along with notes.




To listen to heart or lung sounds, an electronic stethoscope is required. Thinklabss Digital Stethoscopes model One or ds32a using Thinklink are required. 


An external Made for iPod / Works with iPhone audio input device with audio input jack can be used in place of Thinklink, however a suitable cable is required. Contact Thinklabs for more information on hardware requirements with your stethoscope.

Contact Us for more information: 

apps at

or call 1-800-918-1088


User's Manual (for ds32 Model)


Thinklabs Stethoscope App

- Record and vizualize heart and lung sounds

on your iPhone or iPad

- Scroll and zoom in/out with a multi-touch interface

- Edit, save, and email sounds

- Send images, videos, sounds, and notes