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With the launching of our new website, we have added new content and capabilities to better serve you. This Blog provide the opportunity to communicate directly with the Thinklabs User Community. I have had the privilege of meeting thousands of physicians and nurses at the medical conferences we attend. This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. I hope to duplicate some of this experience via the blog. Most importantly, I hope that you will communicate with us. Your comments, feedback and suggestions have shaped the design of our product and our company. Opening Thoughts - Where We’re Going The stethoscope is an icon of Medicine. It represents the "laying on of hands", the physical examination and the personal contact of the physician or nurse with the patient, in an age of machines and lab results. It offers a communications tool between the heart of the patient and the mind of the physician. Like the stethoscope, the Internet and the blog offer the promise of enhanced communication. Just as the stethoscope represents more than a medical instrument, this blog will address subjects beyond stethoscopes. The journey to the frontiers of medical audio technology has been a long and winding journey along many unexpected routes and detours. The learning process has been both humbling and uplifting, challenging and demanding, but always educational. I hope to share the story as we move forward. Please take the time to register. As entries are updated, you will then receive an email. I invite you to join me, read, and write back when you are inclined.

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