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The Next Chapter

As I've posted on our website, we will be releasing new Thinklabs stethoscopes in the Fall. This will be a new chapter in stethoscope design and we think you'll be pleased with the results.

The ds32a is now unavailable for purchase. We apologize for this gap in availability, however we simply underestimated the demand this year, as we planned for phasing out the ds32a and releasing the new designs.

It is always tempting to rush a new product to market to maximize sales, but I simply don't subscribe to short-term profits over long-term value. We're not a large public company that has to satisfy shareholders, bur a small specialist company that only has one audience that matters - our customers. I prefer to do the best design possible and take the time required to attend to every last detail. I hope you will continue using your current stethoscope for a short time longer, and allow us to deliver to you in the Fall the best technology we know how to design. The conventional stethoscope that most people still use is 200 years old, give or take a few minor improvements. A short delay is worth the wait, in our humble opinion.

I will write more about this going forward, but I cannot close this missive without thanking all of you who were willing to buy a new brand on the market because you believed your ears and decided that our sound was worth taking a chance on a small new company. I have met many, many thousands of you face to face, as I traveled the medical conference circuit. It is with the deepest sense of gratitude that I thank you for joining us on this journey to make a more perfect stethoscope. The next chapter will be even more exciting.

As I spend my time perfecting the design and production of the next generation of stethoscopes, I will take time to write in this space about the past 6 years, about the challenges and rewards and stories along the way. Designing new products is extremely demanding, and it is all those conversations and communications with all of you that inspire me as a designer.

To the next chapter . . .

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