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Stolen Stethoscope?

In the past 4 days, we received our first 2 requests for replacement stethoscopes under our new Thinklabs Intelligent Protection Plan (IPP). In case you didn't know, if your stethoscope is stolen or lost and you have Thinklabs IPP, you can get a brand new replacement stethoscope for $59. No police report, no documents, just call us. It works on the honor system. The one restriction is that you can only do loss replacement once in the 3-year IPP warranty period. So if you're going to get your stethoscope stolen, best to arrange it towards the end of the third year of ownership. By the way, IPP does allow you to send in your stethoscope for a brand new replacement as often as you 'd like, with a deductible of only $49. So as long as you don't actually lose your stethoscope, you're in good shape. So how honest are medical professionals? Very honest. We really don't see people abusing IPP benefits. That's why it's such a good deal - the honest majority make it cost-effective when the unlucky minority need help. And that's the way it's supposed to be.

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