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iMurmur 2 - Heart Murmur App Released

We've just released iMurmur 2, a heart murmur education and reference tool for your iPhone, Touch or iPad. This is a terrific addition to your clinical tools, along with the Thinklabs stethoscope, of course.

iMurmur was created by Michael 'fuj' Fujinaka, a medical student and UCSD, and Alan Gardner, an MIT graduate and founder of Phalanx Development. When I saw the original iMurmur App, I was really impressed with what a great job they'd done, and decided that it would be a terrific tool for our stethoscope user community. We promptly bought iMurmur from Michael and Alan.

Then we adapted the user interface so that users familiar with Stethoscope App would be able to use iMurmur seamlessly, and vice versa - make navigation of the two Apps virtually identical, except for the fact that Stethoscope App records patients, and iMurmur is a reference tool. We also used only sounds recorded on Thinklabs Digital Stethoscopes, to ensure that the audio quality of the recordings would be the best possible quality. (The result is that these sounds are so real that you will need headphones to listen to the recordings since they contain the true bass response of heart murmurs, third heart sounds and the like.)

What I'm most proud of, however, is the way we did all this. Thinklabs has become the "go-to" company for innovators seeking to enhance anything related to our user community. There are so many researchers out there who are using Thinklabs stethoscopes for both clinical work and exotic applications. (One of my favorite exotic applications is a group at a famous American university who are doing high altitude pulmonology in Tibet. We haven't quite been up Mt. Everest, but we've been taken to rather high altitudes.)

So if you're working on something truly innovative related to auscultation, medical education, or something else relevant to what we do, we'd like to hear from you too. Who knows what products we'll release next.

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