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Culture Matters

When we think of Chinese history, we tend to think of China after World War II: Mao, Communism, and so on. When I ask anyone in China why certain things are the way they are, the standard answer I get is "Five thousand year of trah-dition." Nobody has ever said to me, "Because of the Communists." The biggest blind spot the West has, is to think of China as merely a source of cheap labor. Labor costs are rising at 20% per year where we produce our stethoscopes. The standard of living and the cost of living are rising too. Do you really think China's competitiveness will decrease as these trends continue? Of course not. China is developing so fast because it has a culture that has deep roots in self-discipline, education, and family. It is now applying those values to building a modern economy. China's strength? Five thousand years of tradition

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