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Cardiologists Still Use Stethoscopes! Read All About It

The American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions in Chicago was a great success. One can never have enough education from the customer, and the AHA afforded me the opportunity once again to listen to what cardiologists have to say about stethoscopes, auscultation, and cardiology practice in general. Their bottom line is this - with all the technology available, the stethoscope is still key to the practice of medicine! Playing devil's advocate, I repeated my perrenial question: Why use a stethoscope when you have echo? Some answers this time: "How do you know who to echo, and who not to echo?" "What's the time and cost of an echo compared to listening to a patient with a stethoscope." "Sometimes you need to know what's going on quickly. You don't have time for an echo." Conferences provide something of a level playing field with the competition. Instead of buying the same old brand out of habit, doctors can listen to a Thinklabs stethoscope, visit the competition's booth, and make an informed choice. This is a great advantage to us. The first reason is obvious - the sound of our product. The second reason is more subtle. The competitor brings an army of sales people all nicely decked out in the company uniform. At our booth, you get to talk to the product designer and the CEO of our company. As the saying goes, there are some things money can't buy. I expected a good conference and brought extra stock. We sold out.

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