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Sincere apologies for the extended absence from blogging. I've been working and traveling non-stop since the last postings from China, and I'm only now catching up. Fortunately, the busy schedule is a reflection of the success of Thinklabs stethoscopes. The community of Thinklabs stethoscope users is growing rapidly, and with that, I spend more time communicating with customers, answering inquiries, and developing the resources to manage the growth. Thanks to all of you who read previous blogs and took the time to write or call. Like the stethoscope itself, this blog is only useful to the extent that people are making use of it. In that regard, the blog is only as interesting as I can make it, and that requires more regular postings. Going forward, I will make every effort to keep this content up to date. If not, please forgive me for paying more attention to stethoscope users than to these musings.

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