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Apple Prediction

Apple has one of it's hyper-hyped announcements set for tomorrow morning. So I'll throw in my predictions of what Apple will, might, or should announce: Will - A cheaper iPhone. If they don't release one, they will win the luxury phone battle and lose the developing world war to Android. Might - Subscription music service a la Spotify. I hope they don't, and they allow Spotify to capture this market. Apple should have done it years ago, instead of nickel and diming customers for $0.99 songs. Subscription music is the future, and Spotify has done a terrific job. I hope Apple's arrogance keeps them out of subscription music a couple of years longer for Spotify's sake. Should - Announce that the Apple iOS platform is Open for hardware developers. Fortress Made for iPod doesn't work for thousands of hardware developers. I doubt they'll do this, but it sure would open the floodgates of hardware innovation that Apple's customers would love to enjoy. Let me just add that Steve Jobs deserves all the accolades for his skill at leading Apple. He has done a superb job, and dramatically increased the American public's sense of good product design. We are all better off for that, and all the other great products that Apple has produced.

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