Thinklink - Connections


There are 4 jacks on Thinklink, two on the left, two on the right. The arrows (>, <) show their positions. Follow the connection steps very carefully:


Before you start:

a. Set the SOURCE switch to the MIDDLE position.

b. Set the MONITOR switch to the left.


(1) Connect Headphones to the upper left jack.


(2) Connect Thinklabs One to the lower left jack via the long male-male cable supplied with your One.


(3) a. Plug a short 3.5mm male-male right angle connector or short cable to the lower right jack (3). Do NOT connect to iPhone or iPad yet.




< (3) To Mobile Device Headset Jack (Right Angle Connector or short 3.5mm cable)

From Thinklabs One (2) >

(3.5mm male-male


To Headphones (1) >

< PC Mic Jack

(Not Req'd for Mobiles)

(3) b. Turn on your Thinklabs One and set to a medium volume. Make sure all switches are set correctly.


(3) c. Launch the Thinklabs Stethoscope App on your iPhone or iPad. If needed, download the App and start these steps again.


(3) d. Once the App is running, and the One is ON, only NOW, plug the connector or cable you plugged into jack (3) into your iPad or iPhone. AS YOU PLUG IT IN, a message on the upper left corner should say "Headset". This tells you that the iPad or iPhone is recording from your One, rather than recording from its built-in mic. If the message instead reads "Built-In mic", unplug from the iPhone/iPad and try again. If it doesn't want to cooperate, turn up the One and tap on the diaphragm as you plug it into the ipad/iPhone. (What's going on is that the iDevice makes up its own mind as to whether to use the built-in mic or an external source, and the only way to coax it into using the external one is to have a sound signal active AS the plug is inserted.)