Thinklabs One - Features





Ambient Noise Rejection

Thinklabs Patented Technology

Compact Design

Thinklabs Quality Headphones

Headphone Choice

Rechargeable Battery

Industrial Design





Assembled in USA



More than 100X a typical conventional stethoscope

Amplification increases sound level from obese patients and faint heart sounds

Multiple filters for different frequency ranges to provide more control over sound

Filters include settings that reduce ambient noise

Electromagnetic diaphragm recognized for producing excellent sound

Handheld design that fits in your pocket

Excellent sound and comfortable fit

Use high quality external headphones from your favorite audio brand

No need to replace hard-to-find batteries

Luxurious design using best-in-class materials

Clear user interface and simple operation

Thinklink connects to iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, computers, etc.

Record and share sounds using audio apps and communications apps

Thinklabs personal support, going the extra mile for customers

Quality assembly inside Thinklabs' own facility