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This product is warranted against manufacturing or materials defects for a period of two years from the invoice date. If a material or manufacturing defect occurs within the warranty period, repairs will be performed free of charge upon returning the device to Thinklabs. The warranty will be voided in cases of abuse, excessive or inappropriate use conditions, or accidental damage to the product. Thinklabs may, at it’s sole discretion, replace the product with a suitable equivalent model. The warranty is transferable at Thinklabs’ discretion only. Warranty Document.


For maintenance, repair, service and contact information, check the Support Page, which has helpful information for troubleshooting, getting help or sending your stethoscope to us for repair. You can also Contact Us for assistance.



Thinklabs One is Assembled in the USA.

Sub-Assemblies Made in USA and other countries.


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7,346,174 8,243,940  
Other US and Foreign Patents Issued and Pending.


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