Indications for Use

The Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is intended for use as a diagnostic aid in patient diagnosis. It can be used for the amplification of heart, lung, and other body sounds with selective frequency filtering. This product is not designed, sold, or intended for any use except as indicated.




  • Follow directions for use. Misuse of this product could result in damage to the product, malfunction of the product, or compromise performance.

  • Use only the Charger provided. The One has been tested for safety with the provided charger. Other chargers could damage the battery or cause heat, fire or explosion. The One will not function if battery voltage is depleted.

  • Do not sterilize this device or immerse it in liquids. Clean using alcohol swabs or non-abrasive cloth dampened with alcohol or water.

  • Do not attempt to modify or repair this device yourself. If you experience problems, send this device to Thinklabs for repair.

  • Avoid use/storage in very high humidity, high temperature or dusty conditions. Leaving the device in excessively hot or cold vehicles is not recommended.

  • The Thinklabs One has been tested to be resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI & ESD). However, it may be susceptible to stray electromagnetic fields. If unexpected sounds are heard, change location, or move away from possible sources of interference, such as cellular telephones or wireless devices.

  • At the conclusion of this device’s useful life, dispose or recycle in accordance with local regulations.


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