Headphone and Eartip Cleaning and Replacement


Your Thinklabs One is supplied with Thinklabs in-ear studio quality headphones. Three eartip sizes are included - Small, Medium, Large. The Medium size is fitted on your Thinklabs headphones.


Changing Eartips - To remove eartips, grip the eartip by the flap and gently twist it off. DO NOT place undue force on the heapdhones. Almost no force is required for removal, it's just a matter of pulling in the correct direction, pulling and angling the eartip so that it rolls off the shaft. To place the new eartips onto the headphone shaft, gently push the eartips on, keeping them straight.


Cleaning - You can clean the eartips with alcohol wipes or with soap and water if they need a thorough cleaning. Whatever you do, try not to lose them while removing and cleaning them.


Replacement - You can go to the Thinklabs Store to purchase eartips, or contact us and request eartips, telling us which Thinklabs stethoscope model you own.