General Maintenance and Cleaning


  • Do not immerse your One electronic stethoscope in any liquid. If One is inadvertently immersed in liquid, do NOT Power ON the unit. Completely dry out the inner spaces before trying to use the stethoscope again. Contact Thinklabs for assistance.

  • Do not sterilize One using any sterilization process.

  • Wipe your One with alcohol swabs or a soft cloth moistened with alcohol or water. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, and do not allow fluids to enter the device.

  • Avoid extreme heat, cold or humidity for either storage or use of this device. -4F to 110F (-20C to 43C) storage. Room temperature is recommended for use. Note that closed vehicles reach well above 120F in summer.

  • Avoid excessive force applied to any part of the stethoscope. Damage could result.

  • Avoid dropping the One on hard floors, especially concrete. Damage could result.

  • Fully charge battery if stethoscope is not to be used for a period of months.

  • Damage resulting from inappropriate care of the device may compromise product performance or void the Warranty.