Filter Selection


Your Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope is programmed with multiple audio filters, so that you can more finely set your stethoscope to listen to particular frequency ranges, according to your work needs and personal preferences. The specific filters are listed here. (The selection may change from time to time. Your One package includes details of the specific filters programmed into your One.)

Using the Filter (f) Key, you can sequence through all the filters, or rapidly flip between two selections. As shown in Circle 1, Push & Hold the Filter (f) Key and One will sequence to the next filter in red circle 1, cycling through all selections. If you then CLICK the Filter (f) Key (rapid click rather than hold down), your One will remember which filter you have currently selected in red circle 1 and will then jump across to red circle 2. You can then repeat the Push & Hold sequence to cycle through the same selections in red circle 2. If you then CLICK the Filter (f) Key, One will remember your selection in circle 2 and jump back to circle 1, remembering your selection in circle 1. CLICK again and jump back to your last selection in circle 2. In short, Push & Hold to sequence through filters, CLICK to save your selection and jump to the other circle. Once you've selected a favorite in each circle, simply CLICK the Filter (f) Key to alternate between your two favorite filters. Read more about Filters on the next page.