Diaphragm Cleaning and Replacement


Your Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope has a patented Thinklabs Electromagnetic Diaphragm. It operates on an elegantly simple principle of physics - a large electric field exists between the back of the diaphragm and a conductive plate behind the diaphragm. (Note that there is NO electric field outside your One stethoscope.) This is a robust system, and the diaphragm is strong and not easily damaged. It is important to keep your One stethoscope reasonably clean and dust-free - good practice for health reasons anyway. Read below, but also see the related section on Cleaning Inside your stethoscope.


Cleaning Outside -  Wipe any external part of your Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope with alcohol wipes. The diaphragm can be cleaned with other cleaning agents, but avoid allowing liquids to leak into the stethoscope. You can also unsrew the diaphragm ring to clean inside the stethoscope and in more inaccessible places that might need cleaning from time to time.


Removing and Cleaning - Unscrew the diaphragm ring (counter-clockwise when looking at the diaphragm). You can clean both sides of the diaphragm with alcohol. Make sure that no oil or other residue remain inside of the diaphragm. It's important that the inside surface be clean and free of any surface grease or other chemicals to operate well.


Attaching the Diaphragm - VERY IMPORTANT - When you replace the diaphragm and screw on the diaphragm ring (clockwise), make absolutely sure that you have it on straight. It's a good idea to turn it COUNTER-clockwise until you feel it align, and then GENTLY screw it clockwise. If it feels like it's not screwing on cleanly, start again. The reason is that the thread is intentionally quite soft to keep the ring on, and can be easily threaded. Screw until the diaphragm is in place and doesn't rotate freely, but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN - firm, not tight!