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IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the use of real patient sounds, you must use headphones to listen to iMurmur sound recordings.


The Portable Heart Sounds Reference Library

The famously popular iMurmur Heart Sounds Teaching App, now with major upgrades:



This is a great pocket reference for both teachers and students of cardiac sounds, as well as practicing physicians for patient education. iMurmur includes the following for each sound:

* Description of sound 
* Phonocardiogram
* Diagram of sound morphology
* Where To Listen
* Clinical Notes
* Pathophysiology
* Associated Pathology


We at Thinklabs liked iMurmur 1.0 so much that we bought the App! We kept the great features, and upgraded the sound library using actual patient recordings, to give you the most realistic learning experience possible. We've also added real Phonocardiograms that you can scroll and edit as you would actual patient recordings on iMurmur's clinical tool partner,Thinklabs Stethoscope App 




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The App sets a new standard for medical device user interfaces, using iPhone's outstanding multi-touch interface


Sound Library (current list, subject to increase with future updates):

* Aortic Regurgitation
* Aortic Regurgitation, Ejection Systolic Murmur
* Aortic Stenosis
* Atrial Septal Defect
* Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
* Korotkoff Sound
* Mitral Regurgitation
* Mitral Stenosis
* Mitral Valve Prolapse
* Normal Heart Sound
* Pericarditis (friction rub)
* S2 Split
* S3 - Congestive Heart Failure
* S4 - Fourth Heart Sound
* Tricuspid Regurgitation, S3
* Ventricular Septal Defect


All recordings done on a Thinklabs ds32a+ Digital Stethoscope with external audio recorder.

For recording your own patients, purchase Stethoscope App by Thinklabs, to be used with Thinklabs Digital Stethoscopes.



Watch, listen, and learn 


- Portable Heart Sound Reference Library


- Real patient recordings/photos with notes and email capability, perfect for teachers and students