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Hard of Hearing 

Laennec Stethoscope

British Museum

"Laennec and Beethoven lived during the same period, doing their best work during the early 19th Century. Despite severe hearing loss, the composer wrote the 9th Symphony - arguably one of the greatest works of all time.

    One of the most rewarding aspects of my work has been helping hearing impaired medical professionals continue to work productively. Some have been young students, others have been some of the most esteemed specialists in their field. When I designed One to work with headphones, I was thinking of one particular cardiologist with hearing loss, for whom I'd adapted the ds32 to use headphones."

                    - Clive Smith

Ludwig von Beethoven

The One - Loud and Clear


The compact design of Thinklabs One goes a long way towards addressing the needs of medical professionals with hearing loss. First, the ability to use headphones means that you can wear headphones over your hearing aids. We've solved the entire "have to remove my hearing aids" nuisance.

   Second, One is loud. Really loud. Volume levels 0-5 are intended for those with normal hearing. Once you get into the 7-10 range, using good headphones, the volume becomes sufficiently loud that you can actually feel the low frequencies from the patient's heartbeat. In terms of dB amplification, it exceeds 100X a regular stethoscope.


Visit our Hearing Aid Guide for detailed information about each type of hearing aid, cochlear implants and streamers.


Also see our advice about headphone selection.





Audiologists and User Help


One offers unprecedented solutions for hearing impaired users and there are many options for addressing different hearing aid styles.


We encourage audiologists to contact us or our dealers who support audiologists, so that we can answer your questions.

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