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Do more with your Thinklabs stethoscope with eMurmur


eMurmur   is a Thinklabs technology partner specializing in advanced digital auscultation.  The combination of our best-in-class stethoscope and eMurmur's high quality auscultation software allows you to better screen, monitor, diagnose and consult on heart, lung and bowel health, whether in clinic, hospital or home settings



Easily connect and stream high quality sounds live to remote clinicians along with your telemedicine application

Allow home nurses or patients to upload auscultations to your portal in the eMurmur cloud for review by their care team


Record patient auscultations to  your portal in the eMurmur cloud and invite other providers to consult with the click of a button 



Visualize, record, analyze and annotate auscultations live with patients


Check in on remote patients while on a telemedicine call

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Filter & Visualize Sounds

Excellent sound quality and custom audio filters to hone in on sounds and diagnose confidently.

Realtime display of the auscultation sounds during listening & replay for enhanced analysis.

Easy to Use

User-friendly interface to review patient records, record or live-stream sounds.  Works on iOS, Android & in common browsers.

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Heart location iPhone 12_Oct 2022.png
What did you hear iPhone 12_Oct 2022.png

Record & Annotate Confidently

Intuitive body placement guides for high quality recording.  Annotation and note taking capability for better records and easier consults.

Connect Easily

One-click invitation with secure code sign-on for super simple connection to remote patients (free to patients).

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Enter streaming ID iPhone 12_Oct 2022.png
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Store & Share Securely

Recordings, annotations and consult findings stored securely in your account for easy review and comparison.

Enterprise Benefits

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Enterprise level allows for storing and sharing of records across all clinicians involved in patient care

  • Get high quality auscultation sounds regardless of what telemedicine / video conferencing solution you are using

  • Easily capture and share sound recordings and patient notes to share with other clinicians or for consultations

  • Easily upload patient record with links to recordings into EMR systems for record keeping and billing

Choose a plan that works for you

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Want to use eMurmur for teaching?

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