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Audio Power

One is designed for high power output, with dedicated headphone amplifiers, one for each channel. Thinklabs' amplified stethoscope is the loudest stethoscope ever made and has fully adjustable volume (1-10) to fit the audio needs of any individual. Voltage doubling charge pumps provide extra headroom for low distortion reproduction of S1 and S2 heartbeat peaks. The headphone amplifiers have sufficient power to drive low-impedance audio headphones, producing 45.2mWatts (see Warning below). Competitive stethoscopes operate on lower voltage, use a single amplifier and high impedance speaker, resulting in clipped heartbeats at significantly lower power output.


1.3 Volts

0.4 milliWatts


>3.0 Volts

45.2 milliWatts

Warning: The One can produce very high sound pressure levels, exceeding 100 times the decibel level of a conventional stethoscope. This amplification is intended for use with obese patients and faint body sounds. When listening to loud heartbeats in thin-chested patients, please reduce volume to a level that is comfortable for you, to protect your hearing.

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