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Heart Sound Analysis

Patient Privacy - Some Apps may not meet local privacy rules. Check your institutional privacy policy.

Thinklabs Stethoscope App

- Record and vizualize heart sounds on your iPhone or iPad

- Scroll and zoom in/out with a multi-touch interface

- Edit, save, and email sounds

- Send images, videos, sounds, and notes

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Thinklabs iMurmur App

Watch, listen, and learn: 


- Portable Heart Sound Reference Library


- Real patient recordings/photos with notes and email capability, perfect for teachers and students

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Windows/Mac​ Phonocardiography

Thinklabs custom version of the popular

Audacity sound editing application.
















- Visualize heart and lung sounds

- View, edit, amplify, filter, slow down playback rate, show spectrograms, and more, digital auscultation has arrived

- Save files in .wav format on Mac or PC

Thinklabs Audacity is a FREE download. You can download it now and experiment with it's capability using your computer microphone ahead of receiving your stethoscope.
For advanced users who need more complex signal processing features, we recommend test driving the full Audacity software package, which is a free open source application.

TwistedWave Audio Editor

TwistedWave is an excellent multi-device solution for recording, visualizing and sharing sounds across multiple Apple platforms and online.
Bedside Teaching       - Record sounds and immediately share it around the bedside via a local wifi network.
Classroom Teaching   - Share sounds via the local wifi network to an entire class of students.
Telemedicine or EMR  - Upload sounds to Dropbox for sharing with colleagues or saving for electronic medical records.
Visit TwistedWave for details.

Mac                                         iPad / iPhone                                      Cloud

TapeMachine App - Android

This Android App provides many features suitable for Phonocardiography, recording, teaching, sharing stethoscope sounds around the bedside or classroom.


- Record, Trim, Save, change playback speed.

- Share via almost any Android communications apps:

Email, Whatsapp, Dropbox, text messaging, etc.


Visit Samalyse for details and Manuals

Free Version                                       Pay Version

WhatsApp Messenger - Android and iOS
From Teaching to Telemedicine

One of the most popular instant messenger Apps.


Record heart or lung sounds and instantly send them around the bedside or around the world. Teach or get a second opinion in seconds.


- Makes stethoscope sound sharing as easy as sending a text message.


- Available on both iOS and Android.

Cloud Storage Solutions
Share Sounds with Students or Upload for Telemedicine

Once you've recorded auscultation sounds, upload them to cloud servers for sharing with students or the world, saving files for research or electronic medical records or sending telemedicine files.


Most services allow you to control access, from private use to limited groups to public use.


For HIPAA compliant cloud storage, take a look at


Soundcloud is used by musicians 

for sharing and posting files.

Add some heart to the soul,

lung sounds to the breathy lyrics

and some bruits to the headbangers.


Dropbox works with many of

the other Apps listed here.

Capture stethoscope sounds and upload for sharing or storage.