The Thinklabs One is an open stethoscope that allows for recording and sharing data with virtually any app or device.
Simply plug in, record, and playback or share as needed. No subscription or proprietary software required.
We are developing the next generation of Thinklabs apps. Since we are committed to being open, below you will find a curated list of suggested third party apps for both Mac/iOS and Android that work well with your Thinklabs One.    

TwistedWave Audio Editor

TwistedWave is an excellent multi-device solution for recording, visualizing and sharing sounds on the iOS/Mac platform.
Bedside Teaching       - Record sounds and immediately share it around the bedside via a local wifi network.
Classroom Teaching   - Share sounds via the local wifi network to an entire class of students.
Telemedicine or EMR  - Upload sounds to Dropbox for sharing with colleagues or saving for electronic medical records.
Visit TwistedWave for details.

Mac                                         iPad / iPhone                                      Cloud

This Android App provides many features suitable for Phonocardiography, recording, teaching, sharing stethoscope sounds around the bedside or classroom.


- Record, Trim, Save, change playback speed.

- Share via email, Whatsapp, Dropbox, text message, etc.


Visit Samalyse for details and manuals.



One of the most popular instant messenger Apps.
Record heart or lung sounds and instantly send them around the bedside or around the world. Teach or get a second opinion in seconds.
- Makes stethoscope sound sharing as easy as sending a text message.
- Available on both iOS and Android.